Original Group Affiliate Program Clothing Optional Resorts

Original Group Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing for Clothing Optional Vacations Have you considered becoming an affiliate marketer for the Original Group Affiliate Program? This affiliate program will track your referrals for 1 year and credit you for the booking.  Affiliates earn a commission for every consumer that books a room or cabin and has an »

Our First Clothing Optional Vacation

Our First Clothing Optional Vacation

Our First Clothing Optional Vacation We just checked into the hotel at Hedonism III for our first clothing optional vacation.  This was the first major change in direction caused by my midlife crisis.  The front desk staff did not have to ask if it was our fist time at a »

Wedding Package at Clothing Optional Resort

Clothing Optional Wedding Party

The Wedding Party at the Clothing Optional Nude Resort Our first evening ever at a clothing optional resort was interesting.  Another couple was sitting at the bar next to us (on the prude clothing required side) and we started up a conversation.  It was their first time ever to a »

Clothing Optional Resort Would I Fit In

Clothing Optional: “Will I Fit In?”

Should I take the plunge and go to a clothing optional resort? Have you ever thought about staying at a clothing optional resort? I know, it might seem crazy. I had never even thought about staying at a resort like this until my husband, Stone started telling me all about »

Grooming Tips Clothing Optional Vacation

Clothing Optional Grooming Tips

Grooming and Packing Guide: Clothing Optional Resort Grooming and packing guide.  So you’ve decided to book at trip at a clothing optional resort. Now to decide the important things.  “What do I pack?” “Do I need to bring clothing?” Like any vacation, the answer is “yes” you will want to pack »

Road to a Clothing Optional Resort

Our Road to Desire Riviera Maya Resort

Desire Riviera Maya Resort Our road to Desire started just a few months after our to a clothing optional resort. When we got back from Hedonism Resort we started looking for a new experience and we found Desire Riviera Maya Resort. The resort is located just south of Cancun, Mexico. The physical address for »

Pearl Resort Grand Opening Celebration

Desire Pearl Resort: Grand Opening

Desire Pearl Resort Desire Pearl Resort. The first time we went to Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort aka Pearl Resort was shortly after they opened their doors. Ginger and I had already been to Desire Riviera Maya Resort (the original resort) and we wanted to experience something different. Pearl Resort is a clothing optional vacation »

My Hot Wife Jewelry Buy this .999 Sterling Silver swingers necklace or ankle bracelet.

Hot Wife Jewelry

The person in this picture is a model and it is for illustrative purposes only. My Hot Wife Jewelry Have ever questioned whether or not someone you want to get to know better is a swinger?  How can you tell that they are into the lifestyle?  Have you ever heard »

Hedonism II Resort, Negril, Jamaica

Hedonism the Pursuit of Pleasure

Hedonism is “the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence.” In 2007 I realized my midlife crisis had begun.  I think hedonism describes the thoughts and actions of a person in their midlife crisis.  I started reading online about what people do in a midlife crisis…so we booked a trip to Jamaica. »