Temptation Caribbean Cruise, February 2020

It is time to book your Temptation Caribbean Cruise that sets sail February 2020!!! I know it seems early, but rooms sell out fast and you don’t want to miss this unique, once-in-a-life time opportunity to travel to so many beautiful destinations.  You will travel between February 13-18, 2020 right over the Valentine’s holiday!!! What could be more special. You and your partner will leave Tampa, Florida and set sail for George Town on the Grand Cayman Islands and then on to fabulous Cozumel, Mexico!  Book now!

Temptation Cruise, February 13-Tampa, FL-Get ready to Sail

Start your vacation right in Tampa. This is a city on the ocean that never stands still. Visit the historic Ybor City and stroll along the beautiful streets to shop and sight-see. Maybe take a visit to Busch Gardens Theme Park or just enjoy the beach before setting sail. Tampa is where the fun will begin!

Temptation Cruise, February 14-Set Sail

On Valentine’s Day, you and your partner will set sail for George Town, Grand Cayman. Don’t think that the fun won’t begin until your arrive on the island. Unlimited excitement and wild experiences await you on this one-of-a-kind Topless Optional Cruise. You will be amazed by the Fanta-Sea playground that will surround you during every waking minute of your vacation.  Be sure to take part in the sexy and hot theme nights and evening activities. These events will build throughout the week and will go far beyond your wildest expectations. Plan in advance and dress up for the naughty school girls and nerds event. Don’t be afraid! Go outside of your comfort zone and role-play, pretend and get excited with your new group of ship mates. Other special theme nights have been planned. Check them out here!

February 15-Arrive in George Town, Grand Cayman

Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy the colorful seaside city of George Town. If you love to snorkel or want to learn, this is the place for you.  If water sports aren’t your style, stroll along the beach and take in the ocean side vibes. Consider going on a boat ride for sightseeing or take a closer look at the friendly sting rays close to the shore. Whatever you do in George Town, romantic and relaxing is what it’s all about. Besides, you are on the beach enjoying your time with other like-minded new friends. What more could you ask for?

February 16- Cozumel is our destination today

Cozumel is a small, quaint and colorful port-side city! You can enjoy the vibrant blue-green ocean here!! This is one of the best places to snorkel and scuba dive in the world. If this is your passion, you are definitely at the right place. You might also consider a glass bottomed boat to see all of the colorful fish and sea life from above the water. There are many eclectic shops and restaurants in Cozumel and so many interesting sites. Venture off the beaten path and see how the locals live. If you have time, take the ferry to the mainland and explore the Mayan ruins of Tulum or visit the shop-filled streets of  Playa Del Carmen.  There is plenty to do and see all across the island of Cozumel. You might be inspired to come back again to see more of this awe-inspiring seaside town and others like it.

February 17-Back at Sea

By now, you will be ready to explore the rest of the Temptation Caribbean Cruise Ship. You will find three restaurants with amazingly prepared foods and even more restaurants (not included in the package) available for that very special evening out. Your all-inclusive plan includes nine fabulous bars/lounges. One of which will certainly meet or beat your wildest expectations. As your mood changes, pick a new lounge to enjoy a libation.  The ship also offers two VIP lounges at an additional fee.

All new R-Rated Red Room, Naughty Night-Time Pool Parties and Spicy Workshops

If all of the above excitement is not enough, check out the brand new features of the February Temptation Caribbean Cruise. If you and your partner can handle all of the excitement, visit the R-Rated Red Room. This specially designed sensual room is for couples only. Peak in or stay awhile. The choice is yours to make.  If you are in the mood, join in on one or more of the Naughty Pool Parties.  During the day time, Spicy Workshops are going to be all the rage.  This cruise is designed to heighten the senses and put a massive spark in your love life.  If you are looking for a change of pace, the Temptation Cruise is definitely for you and your special someone.

Temptation Cruise, February 18-Return to Tampa

Your fast paced and sexy cruise ends on February 18 but the memories and new sexy inner excitement will not.  After returning home, I am sure you will immediately start checking out new and amazing vacations to book. Check out all that Temptation Cancun Resort has to offer.  This one experience is only the beginning.  Learn more about the cruise here!

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