Pride Week Celebration at Temptation Cancun Resort

Gay Pride Week Temptation Cancun Resort Mexico

Pride Week Celebration at Temptation Cancun Resort

Join in the fabulous Pride Week Celebration this July at Cancun Mexico’s Temptation Resort and Spa. The extraordinary Topless Optional week will be filled with out-of-this-world beach events, parties and fun-filled fun in the sun for all. Get all hot and steamy with special theme night parties such as School Girls and Nerds as well as Uniforms Night. Go all out and get your sexy costumes ready for many nights of fun and exploration. Think school girl outfits and sexy male nerds for starters. Look online at some of the many costume and adult stores or even shop locally at your thrift or costume stores. You probably already have the perfect outfit in the closet!!!  For costume night think…Hot policeman or woman, firefighter, or even the ever-sexy doctor.

Anything goes at Temptation Resort and Spa. Start planning for the best Pride Week celebration yet. Do something risky and out of the ordinary! You will not regret this amazing fun-in-the-sun and sand Topless Optional vacation of a lifetime. Book now so you can start planning and preparing for your Pride Week adventure.  Check out our Grooming Tips article so you can get ready for the trip!  For other gay pride events visit the Gay Pride Calendar website.

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