Temptation Cancun Resort Super Savings Promo Code Deal

Bash Tower Ocean View Promotion

Temptation Cancun Resort Super Savings Promo Code Deal

Temptation Cancun Resort is now offering the best deal of the summer. GET IN ON IT NOW while you still can!!! This all-inclusive deal cannot be passed up. Have you ever dreamed about going to a topless Caribbean beach or resort? If so, you can get the best of both worlds at Temptation Cancun Resort. This world class Mexican resort destination offers a topless optional experience for all guests age 21 and over.  If you are not quite ready to experience the topless world don’t despair. You can also go to the quiet pool and admire the action from afar. If you like what you see, you can venture closure.

Why not experience the unexpected and let your dreams come true. We have a very special offer for you. This promo code: TCRSR19 is available through SteamyVacation.com.  You must enter this promo code during checkout to get this deal!  All you have to do is book and travel by June 30,2019. The deal is amazing!!! The Bash Tower Ocean View room is where you will enjoy your stay. It is only $240 per person! This price can’t be beat. The standard price for this special room is normally $480 per person. As you can see, this is an outstanding price. You will get to experience a vacation that will not soon be forgotten. Best of all, it is at a price that won’t break the bank. After coming home, you will be sure to plan another Temptation getaway with the great savings you received on your first booking.

The all-inclusive Temptation experience includes but is not limited to:

  • VIP check in and check out
  • Free 24 hour room service
  • Sun deck area for all Bash Tower guests
  • Pool and beach butler service
  • Free access to Sky 3.5 (VIP trendy lounge)
  • Free adult TV channels

Temptation Cancun Resort Amenities

In addition to the room amenities, Temptation Cancun Resort has so many surprises waiting for you! Plan to enjoy the Sexy daytime activities by the pool. This includes provocative games and shows. Save up your energy because evening time is electric and exhilarating. Every night has a special theme. This ranges from School Girls and Nerds to Angles and Devils. The excitement of the trip can be enhanced by planning out your outfits and costumes. Participation is the most exciting part of these well designed theme nights. They are planned to get the spark going and challenge the imagination.

Temptation Cancun Resort features NINE DINING ESTABLISHMENTS and FIVE LOUNGES/BARS. There is definitely an atmosphere fitting for everyone. The restaurants include: Sensual Dining (She Restaurant), Asian, Mexican, Italian, International, and more. The lounge/bar scene offers a Sexy Pool Bar, Quiet Bar, Sports, Lobby and the very special “VIP” lounge. Click here to get your hunger on and your curiosity roaring.

Take the time to review Temptation Cancun Resort and all of the amazing accommodations. We could go on and on. The features are vast and the atmosphere tantalizing. Book your vacation today and discover the world of “Temptation.” BOOK NOW!

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