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Complimentary Airport Transfers

As exclusive Nakation booking agents with Temptation and Desire Resorts we are often able to provide Free Cancun Airport Private Transfers for guests who book using our affiliate links. To qualify you must have received a booking confirmation email with our affiliate information shown on it for stays of a minimum of 3 nights.

USA Transfers is a very reputable private transfer company in Cancun we recommend to our guests.  We are also happy to cover the Private Airport Transfers cost with other companies you may prefer.

Steamy Vacation FB page, Temptation Cancun Experience FB group, Desire Riveria Maya and Pearl Lobby Bar FB Group and Naughty Nakations FB page  have direct booking links throughout and the use of them may reward us with affiliate booking credits so we are pleased to improve your “Nakation Experience” by providing Complimentary Cancun Airport Private Transfers.

We visit these resorts as fellow guests and actually we are members of the resorts as well.  So we know well the positive feeling of instant relaxation as you meet your Private Transfer greeter at the Cancun Airport.  It’s when you begin to immerse yourself into an extraordinary Nakation experience likely to include some Naughty fun.

Feel free to ask about this and other assistance we can provide as you may already know us from our online profiles and roles in Facebook and Kik.

We do Admin the 24 Kik month private groups and also a number of MeWe Pages and Groups for the Temptation and Desire Resorts Community.

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