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Naughty Nakations – How Naughty?

Guests wonder what their Naughty Nakation might include at Temptation Resort or Desire Resorts. For each person or couple their Naughty experience will be defined by the boundaries they normally live within and those they may want to push.  It can be a very wide spectrum of Naughty and all »

Desire Resort Easter

Celebrate Easter at a Clothing Optional Resort

Desire Riviera Maya Resort in sunny Cancun, Mexico will help you celebrate your Easter in style this year. The clothing optional resort offers a very non-traditional opportunity to celebrate the egg-filled and bunny inspired holiday in a sexy and sensual way.  Save more on your hotel and airfare by booking »

Desire Riviera Maya Resort Rooftop Hot Tub. We have spent quite a bit of time in Desire's hot tub.  In the early evening it is mainly a social event where other couples talk and flirt with each other.  The hot tub does get pretty wild later at night. 

Rooftop Hot Tub at Desire Riviera Maya

Evenings in the Rooftop Hot Tub at Desire Riviera Maya Resort One of the most exciting parts of our trip to Desire Riviera Maya Resort is evenings when couples make their way up the stairs to the rooftop hot tub and lounge after the entertainment show and some dancing in »

FAQs Below, you will find frequently asked questions regarding Temptation Resort, its new concept and the great offerings that have been incorporated into the high-end, all-inclusive resort.

Temptation Resort Cancun FAQs

Temptation Resort Cancun: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Temptation Resort in Cancun, Mexico just celebrated its all new and reinvented resort at the grand opening in August 2017. Since then, many readers have been wanting more details about the trendy and chic reinvented space. Below, you will find frequently asked questions »

Check out the Interactive Tour of Desire Riviera Maya Resort. The virtual tour will allow you to see the entire resort.  It is worth viewing.  In the virtual tour you can see the view of the resort from the sky, the rooms, pool, hot tub, play room (aka sin room), and the restaurants. 

Virtual Tour of Desire Riviera Maya Resort

Click Here to view the Interactive Tour of Desire Riviera Maya Resort. Desire Riviera Maya Resort is about 12 miles south of the Cancun, Mexico International Airport. It is a five star clothing optional adults only nude resort.  The resort is also just five miles south of Puerto Morales, Mexico.  Puerto »

Clothing Optional Halloween Party: Book your trip to Cancun for a clothing optional Halloween Part. Visit Desire Riviera Maya, Pearl or Temptation Resort and bring your adults only costume.

Clothing Optional Halloween Party

Anyone up for a Clothing Optional Halloween? Imagine spending a clothing optional Halloween in Mexico.  The event of Halloween is a favorite to many. It brings out the best in each of us. We can be anyone we want to be. Choose scary, sexy, spicy, or a combination of all »

Clothing Optional Cancun Resorts Desire Riviera Maya, Desire Pearl, Temptation Resort

Clothing Optional Cancun Resorts

Clothing Optional Resorts Have you ever considered going on a clothing optional vacation?  We recommend you spend some time researching this type of adults only trip.  There are several clothing optional resorts in the world.  Most people who have heard of this type of travel usually think of Hedonism Resort, »

Temptation Resort Theme Nights

Temptation Resort Theme Nights

Temptation Resort Theme Nights Temptation Resort Theme Nights.  The Resort is coined as the “Playground for Adults.” What better way to play than by playing, “dress up.” At Temptation Resort you can do just that by participating in all of the theme night parties. Be creative and start packing your »

Desire Resort Theme Nights

Desire Riviera Maya Resort Theme Nights Desire Resort theme nights are pretty wild!  Imagine spending the day naked at Desire resort flirting with other sexy guests and then putting on your wildest outfit for the evening.  For us, this is one of the most exciting parts of the trip to »

Our First Clothing Optional Vacation

Our First Clothing Optional Vacation

Our First Clothing Optional Vacation We just checked into the hotel at Hedonism III for our first clothing optional vacation.  This was the first major change in direction caused by my midlife crisis.  The front desk staff did not have to ask if it was our fist time at a »