About Us: Original Group Affiliate Program Desire & Temptation Resorts

About SteamyVacation.com

We are Brian and Kath a husband and wife owned travel agency and blog.  About 10 years ago we visited Temptation Resort in March and had an incredible time where Kath found freedom she didn’t know existed for both fun and relaxation, including topless optional pool and beach areas.  We ended up booking our next trip for June the same year and then again in September. We knew we were hooked on the Cancun resort vacation option to escape reality for a few days or more.

It was the following April we discovered Desire Riviera Maya PEARL Resort, near Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Pearl is located a 40 minute walk down the sand beach from the other resort.  We were lucky enough to be at Pearl for their grand rebranding celebration meeting celebrities from Playboy TV as well as the resort owner and his family.

After several trips to Pearl resort we then book a trip to the other Desire resort Desire Riviera Maya Resort.

Since we regularly visit these 3 resorts at least twice a year we thought it would be a fun hobby to keep in touch with friends and make new ones while we share what we had learned about both Temptation and Desire Resorts. So we have taken on an informal ambassador type role for the resort brands by creating Facebook groups for both Desire Resorts and for Temptation Resort, as well as other social media profiles to help stay connected. We help folks know the basics and get ready for their vacations and provide a place to keep in touch for planning their next trip. We also are approved direct booking agents for the resorts and do what we can to help guests get the best experience possible from their time and vacation budget.