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Naughty Nakations – How Naughty?

Guests wonder what their Naughty Nakation might include at Temptation Resort or Desire Resorts.

For each person or couple their Naughty experience will be defined by the boundaries they normally live within and those they may want to push.  It can be a very wide spectrum of Naughty and all guests are aware and accepting that others are keen to have some crazy fun too.  In advance, couples can agree on their individual boundaries they want to push and agreeing in advance will ensure a fun and exciting experience for all vs the risk of potential drama and disappointment by not communicating clearly in advance.

No means No and only Yes means Yes:

The rule of the resorts is “No means No” and it is enforced.

Guests may express and interest in others and ask if the interest is shared back but normally not as a 1st question or activity.  However it’s really ok to just say “no thank you” when you have no interest.   Some folks may have difficulty saying ‘No” clearly so its encouraged for folks to listen for a Yes instead.  “Yes” is the strongest indicator of interest and everything else that is replied to the question is likely some form of “No” but the person has their own reasons for not being able to say it.

Daytime Naughty:

For some it might being simply wearing a daring 2 piece bathing suit while some may be eager to go topless in the Sexy Pool at Temptation Resort, on the beach or at the new Tower Roof Top pool and Hot Tub area.  Others may choose to be clothes free at one of the two Desire Resorts pools, on the beach canopy beds or at the large swim up Jacuzzi’s.   The best part of the resorts is the key word “Optional”.   Guest can choose to wear clothes or remove clothes up to the limit of the resort they are visiting.  There is no mandatory topless or naked requirements.

Evening Naughty:

Theme nights bring out the sexy vibe for couples and its “Bare as you Dare” at the resorts.  For some that might include a very sexy outfit they wouldn’t wear in their own communities.

LifeStyle Naughty:

The issue of clear communications between partners and new partners is ultra important.  Some guests seek to share their Naughty experience with others at the resort simply as voyeurs or perhaps exhibitionist while others seek new partners for actual physical contact.

What to do if asked?   (FACT – many are not in the lifestyle but love the fun of being around the environment)

With the topic being known by many at the resort it is natural for folks to be curious as to who might dabble in extra naughty fun and who is not interested.  So expect that you could be asked if you are in the lifestyle or if you are swingers.  Please know that while it may feel flattering to be asked it is actually more common to be asked by those who are not in the lifestyle as a matter or curiosity.   It’s ok to say no we are not in the lifestyle or yes we are.

When replying to the initial question there is still normally no real expression of interest from either party other than simply getting over the question as part of chatting.   If it feels like there is a connection and folks are interested then a whole new discussion will kick-off about interests of those involved and of course last but not least the final question of wondering if there is interest in enjoying some fun together.     So it takes a good number of steps to get involved in any LifeStyle / Swinger activity and all the fun chat at the Sexy Pool is a great place to meet new people and learn where they are from and about what interests them.  Be friendly and don’t be nervous about questions as you’ll always make new friends and have familiar faces to say hi to around the resort though your Nakation and then often again on any return visits.   Many people are return visitors more than once per year and often in same months each year.

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