Rooftop Hot Tub at Desire Riviera Maya Resort Mexico

Rooftop Hot Tub at Desire Riviera Maya

Desire Riviera Maya Resort Rooftop Hot Tub, swim up bar and lounge.   Following a day poolside or at the beach and before dinner guests move to the rooftop Hot Tub and lounge to continue socializing so it's a time where other couples talk and some will flirt with each other.  The rooftop hot tub area can get pretty wild later at night and it's a great spot for couples to enjoy a canopy bed under the stars. 

Evenings in the Rooftop Hot Tub at Desire Riviera Maya Resort

One of the most exciting parts of our trip to Desire Riviera Maya Resort is evenings when couples make their way up the stairs to the rooftop hot tub and lounge after the entertainment show and some dancing in the night club.  At times the hot tub is so full that you will need to find a place to squeeze in and sit down.  During the fun of the night and when shenanigans begin you’ll likely see guests at some point offer themselves up to provide body shots to other guests while laying on the bar and you may find yourselves invited to join in the fun.

Activities You Might See in the Hot Tub

We have spent quite a bit of time in Desire’s hot tub.  In the early evening the outdoor 24hr Lobby bar is mainly a social event where guests arrive in theme outfits triggering compliments and comments from other couples. Entertainment kicks-off about 10pm and includes opportunities to dance under the stars at the lobby bar and as 11pm approaches the upstairs inside night club is open for more dancing and perhaps a visit to the adjoining play room for couples who give in to the passion for one another.  The rooftop hot tub and lounge is open and active during the evening entertainment and night club hours as well and it can get pretty wild later at night.  We have seen all sorts of “activities” take place in and around the tub. 

Desire Riviera May Resort

We highly recommend a vacation to Desire Riviera Maya Resort.  If you do book a trip please consider clicking on one of the links to the resort from our site.