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Clothing Optional: “Will I Fit In?”

Clothing Optional Resort Would I Fit In

Should I take the plunge and go to a clothing optional resort?

Have you ever thought about staying at a clothing optional resort? I know, it might seem crazy. I had never even thought about staying at a resort like this until my husband, Stone started telling me all about a “more exciting” hotel experience.  My first experience going to a clothing optional resort took place in Jamaica. I wasn’t expecting it and I certainly hadn’t planned for it. If you are thinking of booking a vacation at a clothing optional resort Click Here.  I have put together some “food for thought” before you make the decision to take the plunge.  It might also help you to answer the question, “Would I fit in?” Just so you know, I did not think I was the type of woman who would go to a clothing optional resort..ever.. but I was wrong.

What are your Expectations at a Clothing Optional Resort?

What are you wanting to get out of the clothing optional experience? For Stone and I, it was reconnecting with each other and getting excited about our relationship. It was a “rebirth” of our love and feelings for one another.

  • This type of resort is all about socializing. How many times have you been on a vacation and never really talked to other people? At the clothing optional resort; great conversations, interesting people and different ideas is what it’s all about.
  • The experience can be just about “you” as a couple or about flirting with other couples. It reinforces the idea that you are still attractive and desirable to others. This can do wonders to spice up your marriage.
  • Be secure in your marriage before you plan a clothing optional resort vacation. I wouldn’t recommend this type of experience for a new couple. I believe it is meant for those who are very secure and confident in their relationship.
  • Be prepared to hear and see things that are new to you. I know I did. Try not to judge. Remember…different strokes for different folks.
  • Remember, the naked body is natural. We all have one, but each is very unique. When you see several all at once, the experience is overwhelming. It takes time to get used to seeing so much flesh. In time, you will stop looking less at the naked body while at the resort and seeing more of the person inside.
  • Each couple has their own personal reasons for booking this type of trip. Think about your reasons before you decide to go? Make sure that you and your significant other are “on the same page.” Some people go just to enjoy nude sun bathing, others are looking to make a connection with other couples, and some (like Stone and I) go to enjoy each other and build on our marriage.

As you discuss whether or not a clothing optional resort is for you, I have one last thought that might help you decide if the time is right. When we were on our last vacation, we met an older couple at the resort. They were very friendly and fun-loving, but didn’t seem the type that might be enjoying a clothing optional resort. After we parted ways, we talked to another couple who informed us that the wife had terminal cancer. It was a dream of hers to go to a nude resort. She wanted to live well, have great experiences and not have any regrets. I’ll leave you with that thought to ponder.

It is so important in life to engage and be an active part of each day. Don’t let it pass you by. You don’t want to have regrets.  

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