Clothing Optional Vacation Our Introduction to a Nude Vacation

Our First Clothing Optional Vacation

Our First Clothing Optional Vacation

Our First Clothing Optional Vacation

We just checked into the hotel at Hedonism III for our first clothing optional vacation.  This was the first major change in direction caused by my midlife crisis.  The front desk staff did not have to ask if it was our fist time at a clothing optional resort.  The uncomfortable look on our faces told all.  Keep in mind, this is the first time we had ever gone to a place that is considered taboo.  Ginger and I followed the bellman to our room.  We paid for the garden view room at check in, this was the least expensive room they offered.  After the bellman left us alone Ginger told me that this is a “mistake,” we should not be doing “this,” and she had real reservations about my decision.  The room was suitable for our needs.  The first thing I noticed was the mirror on the ceiling right above the bed.

Have you been to a nude resort?  Check out Desire Resort! After we visited Hedo we went to this resort and it was incredible.

Our First View of the “Au Natural” People

I then proceeded to open up our door and look outside and I saw “naked people” walk by on the sidewalk.  It was two women walking together completely naked.  Ginger peered out of the door with me, we looked at each other with a nervous look, and then made it over to the bed for some real amazing passionate sex.  I kept glancing up at the mirror, looking at Ginger’s naked body, and contemplating where we were.

Exploring the Clothing Optional Resort

We stayed in the room for a while and eventually ventured out to explore the resort.  Our first stop was back up to the front desk.  The staff offered to give us a tour of the grounds.  They said the resort was basically broken down to a “nude side” and a “prude side.”  The tour first brought us to the “prude side.”  On this side, clothing was required to be worn.  There was a beach, entertainment area, pool, slide and dining area.  It occurred to us, as we walked, that there was only one person on the “prude” beach.  She was wearing a swim suit. The tour then led us to an area they called the “quads.”  This area had a pool that was surrounded by rooms.  There were some naked people and others wearing swim suits.  During this part of the tour, both Ginger and I had a difficult time looking at the nude people.  It just seamed so uncomfortable to look at.  We both wanted to look but the visual stimulation was an overload on our brains.  The tour continued to a nude beach area and then ended back up near the front desk.  This was the first step in our clothing optional vacation.