Clothing Optional: Wedding Party at the Nude Resort

Clothing Optional Wedding Party

Wedding Package at Clothing Optional Resort

The Wedding Party at the Clothing Optional Nude Resort

Our first evening ever at a clothing optional resort was interesting.  Another couple was sitting at the bar next to us (on the prude clothing required side) and we started up a conversation.  It was their first time ever to a nude resort too, therefore we had something in common.  They were in their mid thirties; from a small town in the Midwest; and were there to get married.  Both Ginger and I looked at each other and just laughed, “who would get married at a nude resort?”  The rest of the evening we talked to this couple, went out to a hibachi grill for dinner with them, sang at a piano bar, and we all had a great time.

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The next day we agreed to meet at noon for lunch.  We decided to go out and explore the resort as a team and headed over to an area called the quads.  This was a clothing optional area of the resort where you could decide to go nude or wear a swimsuit.  We were all new to this, so we all showed up with our swimsuits on.  The majority of the people at the pool were naked; however, no-one pressured us to strip our clothes off.  It took most of the day for us to get “somewhat” comfortable with all for the nudity around us.  The rest of the day was filled with great conversation and we met many other people who clearly enjoyed life.  The people at this resort were not the typical “regular” resort clientele who do not socialize with strangers.  Almost everyone was friendly and engaged each other in good conversation.  It was amazing to see all the potpourri of people at the resort.  They came from all walks of life and all types of professions.

Peeling Off the Swimsuits

The day was fun.  There was a lot to see (if you know what I mean?)!  It took us 5 hours to peel off our clothing and take the nude plunge.  I was afraid that my excitement might show up too much once the swimsuit came off.  I finally slipped off my swimsuit.  Ginger was very reluctant and it took her some coaxing to finally drop her swimsuit off.  It was a good thing that we stayed under the water because my excitement was showing.  The other couple we were with took their clothes off at about the same time as us.

Wedding Party: The Unexpected Best Man & Maid of Honor

Our new friends did not invite anyone on their vacation.  They had no-one in their wedding party, so they asked us if we would stand for them as the best man and maid of honor.  We said yes.  How could we say no to this midlife experience?  The wedding took place at 3 o’clock the following day and clothing was required to be worn.  The resort had a wedding package that they had purchased which included a justice of the peace, a cake, decorations and other wedding essentials.  The next day we stood for them at their wedding.  It was located on a pier overlooking the ocean.  I remember listening to them taking their wedding vows, looking over at Ginger, and then seeing about a dozen naked people (just passing by behind us) stopping to watch the ceremony.  It was strange but intriguing.  After the wedding, we were asked to sign the marriage certificate as witnesses to the ceremony.  Somewhere out there, our names are listed on a marriage certificate, as witnesses to this wedding.  It is funny, as Ginger and I discuss this today. We cannot recall the name of the couple, but they sure were interesting and fun-loving. They made us rethink everything we thought we knew about “getting married” and how it ought to be done. Check out our wedding package.