Grooming and Packing Guide: Clothing Optional Resort

Clothing Optional Grooming Tips

Grooming Tips Clothing Optional Vacation

Grooming and Packing Guide: Clothing Optional Resort

Grooming and packing guide.  So you’ve decided to book at trip at a clothing optional resort. Now to decide the important things.  “What do I pack?” “Do I need to bring clothing?” Like any vacation, the answer is “yes” you will want to pack a bag including day trip clothes, beach attire and outfits for enjoying the night life. The first two are easy. Pack what you would for any warm weather destination. The last one is a little trickier, but a lot more fun.  My bag is full of outfits for the evening “theme” nights and sexy shoes. After you book your vacation, go to the hotel’s website and see what the nightly themes will be during the time you are visiting. Usually each night is the same from week to week.

Check out Desire Resort and Spa’s Theme Nights.  This is our favorite resort to go to.

For example: Monday night might always be Latin Night. Other nights might include; Dress all in White, Nautical Theme, 911 (dress as police, fireman/woman, doctor, nurse etc.).  Dressing up is a fun way to get excited about the resort and the vibes that it has to offer. Wearing a theme outfit isn’t just for the women either. I encourage all the men out there to “go outside of their comfort zone” and dress up too. Pretend it is Halloween and you’re going to a costume contest. It is pretty much the same thing, but a lot more sexy and risky.

Where Do I Find My Outfits?

Some people will bring their sexy Halloween costumes that they’ve worn in the past. Many cities have Halloween Stores open year around so you can go there to find what you’re looking for. You might check Adult Book Stores in your city for outfits or even Second Hand Stores. Try an online adult shop like – Sign Up for Newsletter and Get a Free Gift! Click Here! I buy my “school girl” outfits online. This way, Stone and I can search together for the best outfits. It is fun foreplay too.

Grooming Guide

During our first clothing optional resort experience, I wasn’t prepared and did not do very much pre-planning. Of course, I had my nails done for the trip, I shaved my underarms and legs, recently had my hair done, etc. By grooming; I mean, personal grooming. At a nude or clothing optional resort, many guests, both male and female, are cleanly shaven. When we arrived at the resort for the first time, Stone and I witnessed this clean-shaven all over phenomenon. We quickly went back to our room, took out our razors, and helped each other to “fit in.” It was fun to do and we both felt excited and nervous to be doing this, but when in Rome… You and your significant other can decide to shave or leave it all-it is a personal preference. We did see both, but more guests chose to shave. That brings me to a very important topic, the need for sunscreen. Be sure to bring it or buy it. Wear it all the time.  There are parts of your body that may have never seen the sun before. Its better to be safe than sorry…apply your screen and happy travels.