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Our Road to Desire Riviera Maya Resort

Road to a Clothing Optional Resort

Desire Riviera Maya Resort

Our road to Desire started just a few months after our to a clothing optional resort. When we got back from Hedonism Resort we started looking for a new experience and we found Desire Riviera Maya Resort. The resort is located just south of Cancun, Mexico. The physical address for the resort shows the town of Puerto Morales, Mexico. It is often just called Desire Resort to people who have been there. Learn about the resorts full amenities here.

Preparing for our First Visit to Desire Riviera Maya Resort

We booked out trip for Desire directly on their website for three nights. Unfortunately we could not go on the trip immediately. Our next free weekend in our schedule was several months away. In hind site, this was a good thing. Ginger and I really enjoy the flirting and sexy talk that occurs prior to the trip. Ginger did research online and figured out what type of outfits she wanted to buy. Desire Riviera Maya Resort has different theme nights for each night of the week where you dress up according to the theme. Your participation in the theme nights is optional, but we highly recommend you bring appropriate outfits and try at least one theme activity. Every year the theme nights change-up.  Here is a link showing the current theme nights.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort Theme Nights

On our first trip, they had a Naughty School Girl theme night. Ginger bought a real sexy school girl outfit and I ordered a tee-shirt showing the words “Naughty Professor” on the back.  When you book your trip, we also suggest joining a Yahoo group that focuses on Desire Riviera Maya Resort. You can usually find a group that is created for the specific month you are going. You can meet other people who are going on the trip and plan activities. We joined a group and discussed the school girl theme. It really added some excitement between Ginger and I prior to the trip. In addition to the school girl outfit, Ginger had purchased several sexy outfits to wear for dinners at the resort. There is a dress code at the resort. You are supposed to dress up for the evening meals.

There was several months of pent-up sexual energy in our bodies before the day of the trip finally arrived. We were exited to go! The plane touched down in Cancun. As we worked our way through Immigration and Customs, I kept looking at the women at the airport and wondering if they would be at the resort. There were many that I was hoping to see there! We booked a shuttle from the airport in advance to drive us to Desire Riviera Maya Resort. The shuttle ride to Desire took about 30 minutes. Ginger and I sat very close to each other in the shuttle and we could not keep our hands off of each other.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort Moat Filled with Crocodiles

Eventually we reached the entrance of Desire Riviera Maya Resort. The shuttle stopped and the security guard verified we were guests. The shuttle drove over a small bridge and a moat filled with crocodiles. We saw several crocodiles popping their eyes out of the water and watching us pass by. The shuttle came to a stop, a concierge greeted us, led us into the lobby and gave us a glass of champagne. We had finally arrived at Desire!